Acts 2:42 tells us that the early church continued stedfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers. 

At Harvest Baptist Church we believe that our Bible Study and Prayer time is of vital importance to the born again Christian's life.  We encourage those who know the Lord to be faithful in all the services.

Our Bible Study time is an opportunity to do some topical studies as well as book studies.  Presently we are working through a discipleship course, the Establish 101 Series (see attached link from Bethel Baptist Print Ministries):

The following quotes are from Bethel Baptist Print Ministries course description:

"Establish 101 has 40 lessons that take you from Genesis 1:1 to the gospel of John. These lesson are carefully designed to lay a strong foundation in the Word of God, in the work of God, to the working of the Holy Spirit, through the transforming power of the Gospel, thus bring one to new life in Christ." 

"An emphasis is placed on the fact that salvation is by Grace alone through faith alone in the finished work of Christ on the Cross. Biblical repentance is emphasized. The lessons also strongly make the point that all human efforts to attain salvation make a mockery of the person and work of Christ on the Cross."

We also spend time in prayer after the lesson.  It is a privilege that God has given those who know Him to intercede for one another and for others across the world.